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The facts about horse slaughter in the US. 92% of horses sent to slaughter are healthy and when rescued make incredibly lyal, grateful equine partnerss.

The vast majority of horses who become victims of this industry could be sold, donated or otherwise rehomed. But once a horse goes to auction, "kill buyers" outbid legitimate horse owners and rescues, robbing horses of ever having a second chance at life.

The transportation used to send horses to slaughter from kill pens is terrifying!

Horses sent to slaughter are typically transported in cramped, dangerous trailers. They cannot balance properly and they are denied food, water and rest. They are often seriously injured or die before arrival.

There are a lot of details that can be read & watched on line regarding the details of how horses end up in kill pens and what happens to them once they are there. This website is a celebration of the good that happens when people work together to undo what has been done. 

Psalms 9:18 But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish. 

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